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The name "Ridee gama" means "silver village" which is a small village located by a lake 18km northeast of Kurunegala , atop a hill, atop of which is the interesting cave temple named Ridee Vihara [ silver temple]. It is a place where a delightful treasure trove of Sinhala, Buddhist, Tamil, Hindu and Christian art are showcased cheek by jowl. The caves are divided into chambers and cannot be seen from the road but access is easy.
Ridee Viharaya has a long history that dates back to the Anuradhapura Kingdom era. This temple was done by King Dutugemunu, who ruled Sri Lanka from 161 BC to 137 BC. This temple is very small, a very small room indeed, made of stone and located on top of a small hillock. Inside it is a Buddha statue and many paintings belonging to the Kandyan era can be seen. The most distinguished feature here is an exquisite medieval ivory-inlaid doorway with intricate carvings.















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